Piles Disease: What Is it And What Should You Do?

Piles disease is just another term people use for hemorrhoids. Anyone who has developed hemorrhoids knows exactly how embarrassing the condition is. Hemorrhoids are an abnormal condition of the anal lining caused by various factors.

So what is piles disease? When a person develops hemorrhoids, the veins in his anal lining swell up, causing it to bleed and become very painful. Hemorrhoids symptoms vary between person to person. Some people develop rectal bleeding, while others feel intense itching and excruciating pain when going to the toilet. Still, others who develop hemorrhoids don’t have any idea they have them, most especially if the hemorrhoid is an internal one.

Hemorrhoids are common with women who are pregnant, the elderly, and those who are obese. Pregnant women develop hemorrhoids due to the baby pressing down on the anus, causing the veins to become inflamed. Piles disease is also said to be caused by constipation and straining in the toilet. Intense pressure in the anal area can cause the veins in the anal area to be filled with blood, causing them to be inflamed or even bursting when a person goes to the toilet. People who tend to abuse laxatives are also more prone to developing hemorrhoids, as well as people who suffer from digestive disorders.

Piles disease can develop overnight. Anyone can have hemorrhoids, and even a simple bout of diarrhea is enough for a person to develop inflamed blood vessels in the anus. Mild hemorrhoids can be left to heal on its own, but it usually takes a few days to a few weeks for the inflamed blood vessels to subside. In more complicated cases, however, hemorrhoids treatment is necessary.

Treatment for hemorrhoids abound, from home therapy to over the counter medicines. A person afflicted with hemorrhoids should always remember to double his fluid intake. Drinking lots of fluids will make feces easier to pass, making them gentler on the inflamed blood vessels and lessening the pain. A person with piles disease should also have lots of fibre in his or her diet. Fibre softens the stool and once again, makes it easier to pass. The person should also lessen physical activity to reduce the pressure on the anal area. A natural piles treatment is highly recommended as this method has been proven to cure piles fast. It is crucial that a person consults a health professional if his or her hemorrhoids turn severe. Excessive bleeding may not always be a sign of hemorrhoids. Rectal bleeding can be a symptom of other more pressing concerns.

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